Our main live room is over 40sq metres in size. We have spent a great deal of time engineering the space, it is fitted with a variety of acoustic devices. The wooden floored area is designed to give drums & other acoustic instruments a large and warm sound. The space also has silent air conditioning.

Some artists get a better result and feel to the music if they can play together for the recording, rather that multitrack. The room is large enough to accomodate that technique. We have a selection of movable screens and damping blocks to gain maximum isolation between the instruments.

Live Room

Our control room was designed as a dedicated space and gives the engineer a listening position free from reflections. The soundproofing between the control room and the live room is also excellent.

The vocal booth has its own silent air conditioning feed and is acoustically dead. There are windows from here into both live and control rooms. It is a multi-purpose space which suits a range of instruments from vocals to acoustic guitars or percussion.

If you are recording the entire band together you can use the booth for the bass guitar set-up. There are several lines between the rooms, so the bassist can remain in the main live room with the other musicians.

Vocal Booth