Martin is the founder and owner of the company and was brought up around music. He is a very experienced sound engineer both live and in the studio having worked nearly every venue and festival around leeds has and has worked with high profile bands such as Snow Patrol, The Specials and even Bo Selecta.

Gideon is a talented engineer, musician and teacher and has worked on countless projects in the studio. He also records and produces his own Drum and Bass band - Hayashi. As well as being one of our regular freelance studio engineers, Gideon is also a professional drum technician, teacher and player and can help you achieve drum sounds you’ve always wished for.

Andy is one of our studio assistants as well as being the in-house guitar tech. Andy is a guitar enthusiast who makes custom electric guitars in his spare time. He has a passion for all guitar related gear and accessories. He set-ups and tests all our guitar backline equipment . He is also quite camera shy!