Room B

Room 'B' is spacious, sound-proof, acoustically engineered and air conditioned. It has a creative, funky and vibrant atmosphere with a more 'live' acoustic than Room A. It has a 1kw vocal rig with digital effects and a Soundcraft desk plus 4 microphones/cables & stands.

At £140 per month for a weekly slot of 6pm - 12am this room offers fantastic value for money.


ONE-OFF £10 per hour 6 hours for the price of 4!
DAYTIME RATES £7.50 per hour From 10:00 til 18:00
MONTHLY SLOT £140PCM includes free locker with 24/7 access



"It's a magical, warm room that inspires us to do new things. It sounds great & feels like a home away from home."

Gary from Sewer Suckers/VDs

"I love Purple, it's my favorite place to rehearse in Leeds. The new album would not sound half as good without a space like that to record and rehearse in."

Andy [Testament] from Homecut


METRES 7.8 x 3.9 30.4 sq m
FEET 26 x 13 338 sq ft