Most people hate going to a page that's called 'rates' expecting to see prices and being met with a message such as 'please call us'. However, hiring large sound reinforcement is fairly complex with many factors to take into consideration, crewing and trucking to mention just two.

Rather than just give you a phone number (0113 2909161 or see contact us) or an extremely simplified price list, we thought we would give you an idea of the things to bear in mind when hiring a system.

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Firstly how large a system do you require? This is usually determined by two things, how big your audience is and how loud you want it. We usually specify between 5 &10 Watts per person. E.g. for a 3000 capacity venue we would usually specify something in the order of 20 to 30kW depending on the sound pressure levels required.

Secondly how long do you require us to be on site. This impacts on crew costs and is affected by things like the difficulty of the 'get-in' to the venue or site, the complexity of the set-up and again the size of system.

Thirdly there's the hire in of any extra or special equipment, to fulfill an artist's technical rider for example. Not many hire companies keep stocks of 100 radio mics. We would normally hire in any extras such as these and add them to our fee.

Lastly where is your event, if it's on our doorstep it will cost less. If you want 10k on top of Ben Nevis by 3pm tomorrow, we may charge a little extra.

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